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Secondments within EU-project “REAL SMART”

Within the EU project “REAL SMART – Using real-time mesurements for monitoring and management of power transmission dynamics for the Smart Grid”, funded by Marie Curie FP7 People Programm, Dr. Herwig Renner will spend 3 months in England with the transmission system operator National Grid. He will work on modelling of the transmission system with regard to low frequency inter area oscillations. By means of this model the impact of increasing wind power on the system damping schuld be investigated. Together with a finnish researcher, responsible for measurement evaluation, the model will be evaluated with real data.

After the successfull stay of DI Georg Rechberger in Finland in 2010, DI Michael Weixelbraun will be seconded to Norway in May 2011. In return a finnish researcher from trasmission system operator Fingrid will visit Graz University of Technology in 2013. The project is scheduled for 4 years in total. Following partners are involved: Imperial College (UK), National Grid (UK), Aalto University (FIN), Fingrid (FIN), Statnett (N), ABB Schweiz (CH), ABB Strategic R&D (N), ABB Corporate Research (PL), GE Global Research (D), Graz University of Technology (A)

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