Production, transfer and distribution of electrical energy

  • Calculation and planning methods
  • Dynamics and stability
  • Protection technology and error correction
  • Technical and economical optimization
  • Congestion management

Power Quality / Supply reliability

  • Power Quality
  • Supply reliability
  • Network disturbances

Decentrailzed utilization of electrical energy – Smart grids

  • New network structures
  • Systems protection and control
  • Grid connection of decentralized power generation systems

Efficient utilization of electrical energy

  • Power saving strategies
  • Power supply of buildings and smart installations
  • Industrial electrical heating

EMC and influence

  • Methods for field reduction and electromagnetic shielding
  • Ohmic, inductive and capacitive interference by electrical power systems
  • Protection of persons, safety measures against electrical shock
  • Grounding systems and equipotential bonding
  • Electro- and AC-corrosion